Sogamoso and Around Lago de Tota

Sogamoso and Around Lago de Tota
By: Michael Bellini

South America
July 1st 2016
Published: July 1st 2016

Lago de TotaLago de Tota

I took dozens of photos like this, but none of them really captured the beauty of the lake.

From Villa de Leyva I took a 40-minute bus back to Tunja, and then an hour-long collectivo to Sogamoso, which I planned to use as a base for exploring Lago de Tota, a high altitude lake and the largest natural lake in Colombia. 

As we approached the town, I was pretty disappointed. I had expected it to look like Tunja - crestled in a valley with plenty of hiking opportunities. I also thought it was right on Lake Tato. Instead, I found an industrial city with factories, eroded hillsides, and awful traffic. I thought about just continuing onto somewhere else but it would be getting dark soon and I had basically already paid for my accommodations. 

But it grew on me, since the (...) red more.