Paramo De Oceta Hike – What You Need To Know

Paramo De Oceta Hike – What You Need To Know

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Source: Our Backpacks And Us - blog (19.3.2018)


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Appart from this beautiful and outstanding hike to Páramo de Ocetá, we consider very important for travellers to know that our region Sugamuxi is surrounded by plenty of páramo hikes alternatives, such as Siscunsí, Curíes, Sarna, Suse, Alfombras, and many more. You can read about it here:

In fact, the páramo complex in which we are situated, and called Tota-Bijagual-Mamapacha; has an extension of nearly 170.000 Ha to consider for your exploration. Towns like Mongua, Gámeza, Monguí, Aquitania, Tota, and Sogamoso, are all well located to consider for those hikes. Our capital Sogamoso is quite conveniently allocated for transport connections to those alternatives..