Sugamuxi biodiversity cultural practices and conservation

Sugamuxi biodiversity cultural practices and conservation
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By: Alejandro Jaramillo (COL)
On assignment (April, 2013) for the environmental NGO Montecito, based in the city of Sogamoso and part of the Ramsar Convention. The task called for a detailed photographic documentation of the fauna and flora, the wetlands, the cultural practices that are to be found in the province, and how the later affects the former. The mayor issue that the foundation is in charge of has to do with the conservation of the many wetlands ('humedales') in the region, specially that of the Tota lake. 

For the past twenty years unlicensed open-air coal mining, limestone quarries, non-native tree species plantations, indiscriminate farming of crops and fish have severely affected the surrounding wetlands, causing water shortages and contamination. The Tota lake suffers most as an ecosystem from the cultivation of... read more.