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More showing and linking to independent travellers or visitors to Sugamuxi, its towns, and their posts. In case of any query do not hesitate to contact us.
  1. "Sugamuxi" (2015 - Photography site).
    Population of Sogamoso: 113,295 | Province of Boyacá, Colombia.
    Composed by 13 Towns |
  2. "Monguí" (09.8.2015) - Journal post about Monguí.
    At a staggering 2,697 meters high lies a beautiful village adorned with cobbled streets and an ancient history that puts you back in time. Monguí is a small pueblo of roughly 6,000 residents located...


  1. Thanks for the post, Felipe! :)

    1. Hi Casey, with publishing your photography you are leaving an outstanding memory of Sugamuxi and our towns, in this case Monguí. Thank you!


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